Professional Planning

Example of Professional PlanningProfessional planning is an important element in the development of a successful project. Appropriate planning determines suitability and feasibility, early identification of potential issues and alternatives, and it includes public engagement – all of which can ultimately save time, save money and ensure project success.

Planning and engineering are complementary disciplines, and the availability of these combined services is increasingly more important because of:

  • Today’s more stringent regulatory environment,
  • Continued and increased public interest in public works projects,
  • The need to methodically and rationally create and analyze project options,
  • The complexity of the project approval process,
  • And the ability to modify projects so that the quality of life is enhanced.

Professional planning seeks to:

  • Assist groups in defining and achieving goals,
  • Engage the community to clarify objectives and highlight the benefits of the planning process to the stakeholders,
  • Develop the regulatory framework to guide and influence private and public investment to achieve the vision of the plan,
  • And think creatively to solve issues, build on strengths and develop positive, tangible results.

City and regional planning is built on public engagement and visioning, and frequently relies on regulatory documents such as zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations.  The addition of professional planning capabilities enables Thompson Engineering to successfully develop:

  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Special District Plans
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Landscaping Requirements
  • Signage Standards