Drilling Services

Our Experience
Our geotechnical drilling and field investigation teams have conducted geotechnical investigations for virtually every kind of structure on land and on water.
• High and low-rise buildings
• Industrial facilities for petrochemical, paper, steel manufacturing, and ship building
• Roads and highways
• Ports and harbors
• Bridges
• Levees and dams




Our Resources: People and Technology
Thompson Engineering has its own equipment and its own dedicated staff of geotechnical professionals. This ensures a swift and seamless deployment so your project can proceed – and succeed – on schedule.

Thompson Engineering’s 20-ton track mounted CPT Rig evaluates soil composition with the following:
• 5 ton capacity seismic piezocone 
• 10 ton capacity seismic piezocone
• Automatic seismic hammer  
• Real time relay of information 
• CPTu- continuous collection of pore water pressure
• Automatic push rate control to ensure data is collected within ASTM guide lines
• No lab test required, reduces data collection to engineering time
• Capable of collecting both P and S  seismic waves
• High productivity up to 700ft a day (depending on site conditions)
• Capable of grouting through the rod string during retraction
• Correlations available geotechnical parameters like:

  • o Settlement
  • o Bearing Capacity
  • o Undrained shear strength
  • o Phi angle
  • o SPT-N Values

Thompson’s fleet also includes conventional truck-mounted drilling rigs,and skid and all-terrain rigs for hard-to-access sites. Our equipment can tackle any landscape: soft ground, wooded hillsides and shorelines. Your project also benefits from our professional, survey-grade GPS equipment for x-y-z survey control at test sites.

Our in-house drilling crews are qualified and safety trained. They maintain TWIC, OSHA 40-hr, CSX rail safe training, and E-Verifile cards.

Geotechnical Investigation & Drilling Services

Thompson Engineering offers a wide range of subsurface sampling and data acquisition services to meet the challenges of every situation:

  • Remote location geotechnical drilling
  • Offshore geotechnical investigations
  • Offshore geotechnical surveys
  • Landside soil sampling 
  • Wire-line and conventional rock coring
  • Low overhead and hand auger sampling
  • Ground water monitoring for well installation
  • Subsurface instrumentation installation
  • Vibracore sampling
  • Well abandonment
  • Cone penetrometer testing (CPT)
  • Environmental sampling