Design Build Construction

A More Efficient Way to Build

More and more developers are choosing the design-build construction model for their projects. And more of them are coming to Thompson Engineering to take advantage of our design-build experience.

Design-Build Construction Benefits

If you’ve ever been part of a construction project where the wheels fell off – repeatedly – slowing down the build and pushing costs ever higher... chances are it was NOT a design-build construction.  

At Thompson, our building project management system puts the engineers/architects on the same team with the builders (“design-build”) and provides them all under a single contract to the owner.

This collaboration creates a solid sense of unity and teamwork where everyone is pulling together for the same end result. Design-build construction offers flexibility, agility, accountability, and efficiencies not realized with other delivery methods.

Our Design-Build Projects:

  • Aircraft hangars,
  • Industrial developments,
  • Manufacturing plants,
  • Cruise ship terminals,
  • Environmental protection ,
  • Building restoration,
  • Military contracts.

One of the most important features of Thompson’s building project management system is the enhanced communication that results.  All the stakeholders (owners, designers, and builders) find it easier to stay on top of daily and weekly progress.

Reaction times are streamlined. Changes can be accommodated faster. Both time and money are economized.

In short, our single-source delivery system is just a better way to get things built.

Talk to us about your project. Let’s discuss how our approach to design-build construction will make your project go smoother.