Civil Engineering

Planning, Design & Construction of Public Works Projects

Thompson's civil engineering services are sought after by all levels of government: municipal, county, state and federal. We work closely with public works departments to plan, design and build a diverse range of projects such as:

  • Roadway design
  • Bridge design
  • Water distribution and treatment
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Storm water management
  • Site development for government facilities (land and marine)
  • HUD housing
  • Underground utilities

Bridge, Roadway Design

Thompson Engineering takes a multi-disciplinary approach to all projects, involving the top experts from our team from start to finish.  For example, our bridge and roadway design work begins with the initial surveys, mapping, traffic analysis, and roadbed design.  Our team then plans the drainage control, paving, inspection, permitting, signs and signals, and provides overall construction project management.

Just one company, Thompson Engineering, delivers all the services your project calls for.

Water Systems

Thompson also specializes in waste water systems that conserve water while maintaining efficient operation. We perform wastewater design and analysis including investigation, flow monitoring, capacity modeling, system analysis, and existing facility upgrades. Our dedicated environmental team is involved in all water management projects.

All the above specialties are handled by Thompson so clients don’t have to worry about contracting and managing a multitude of providers.  Being covered by the Thompson “umbrella” of services also means benefiting from nearly six decades of experience providing civil engineering services and construction project management

Tell us about your project. Let’s discuss how, together, we can make it happen.