Building Envelope & Roofing

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Building Envelope Inspectors, Consultants and Artchitects specializing in the evaluation, design, inspection and testing of roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall systems. 

Water. Wind. Air. These elements can wreak havoc on a building and lead to costly repairs, even lawsuits. To protect our clients' investments, our building envelope team performs an extensive range of testing services including detailed design work, quality assurance inspections and performance testing of installed assemblies in order to ensure the proper level of protection from the harsh elements. 

Our Clientele

Architects, building owners, property managers and facility managers of industrial, health and educational facilities... all have come to us for help. And because we are not affiliated with a particular product or contractor, our clients get unbiased advice they can trust from Thompson’s experts.


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Our Building Envelope Services Include:

  • Facility asset management programs;
  • Preventative maintenance programs;
  • Material verification and testing;
  • Failure analysis;
  • Damage assessments;
  • Design and consultation;
  • Project management;
  • Property condition assessments;
  • Quality assurance observations / inspections;
  • Moisture surveys - infrared, nuclear and capacitance;
  • Water and air testing - Glazed openings;
  • Wind uplift testing - FM compliant;
  • Final Commissioning.

Clients receive a comprehensive post-inspection report with findings, conclusions and recommendations along with cost projections and budget planning for repairs.

We are also available to provide expert witness testimony on legal claims pertaining to building envelope system failures and moisture intrusion.  

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Thompson brings a broad set of skills and expertise to the task. Our Building Envelope Services team includes:

  • Registered / Licensed Architects
  • Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs);
  • Registered Roof Observers (RROs);
  • LEED Accredited Professionals;
  • Certified EIFS & Stucco Inspectors;
  • Certified Building Envelope Inspectors;
  • Certified Coating Inspectors;
  • Certified Thermographers.

Thompson is able to conduct investigations and assessments on virtually all building types. Contact us to arrange for a consultation.