Thompson Engineering receives Environmental Achievement Award

The Baldwin County Commission of Alabama recently awarded Thompson Engineering the 2010 Environmental Achievement Award for our work on Comprehensive Management Plan for the D'Olive Creek Watershed.  The award presented by the Commission stated:

Thompson Engineering and its sub-consultant Team, including Hand Arendall, Vittor & Associates, Alabama Coastal Foundation, and Tetra Tech, are being recognized for preparing a Comprehensive Management Plan for the D’Olive Creek Watershed, which has long been cited as a “poster child” example of environmental degradation from erosion and sedimentation caused by urban development. The work was guided by a diverse stakeholder group comprised of Baldwin County and the Cities of Daphne and Spanish Fort; federal, state and local agencies; property owners; and private interests.  Based on a thorough examination of the watershed conditions and identification of critical issues and areas of concern, the plan describes the various management measures (such as green infrastructure and low-impact development techniques) that can be utilized to restore degraded areas and minimize impacts from future development.  The plan also discusses the many factors (such as costs, regulatory framework, financing alternatives, and community outreach) that will affect the implementation of the recommended management measures.

During the year-long effort that was needed to prepare the D’Olive Creek Watershed Management Plan, the community-spirited Thompson Engineering Team dedicated countless hours beyond what was budgeted in order to provide a comprehensive and meaningful “path forward” to help solve the long-standing watershed problems. Thompson Engineering and the entire Team are to be thanked for their individual and collective efforts, going above and beyond contract requirements, and congratulated on producing a document that has been referred to as one of the premier Watershed Management Plans in Alabama.

Posted on 10/20