Thompson Engineering Project Wins Environmental Stewardship Award

For the third straight year, Thompson Engineering has been recognized by Partners for Environmental Progress (PEP) with an Environmental Stewardship Award. The 2015 award recognizes Thompson’s environmental compliance work on the Birmingham Northern Beltline project. “It’s exciting to be recognized locally for the work we do across the state in stormwater management and erosion control,” said Jimmy Shumock, CEO of Thompson Engineering. “Not only does our work have a real impact on water quality at the project site, it continues to impact the quality of water reaching Mobile Bay.”

In February 2014, Thompson began work on the Birmingham Northern Beltline Phase 1, a 1.34-mile section north of Pinson, Alabama in the environmentally-sensitive Black Warrior watershed. The environmental compliance aspects of this project involve more than 2.4 million cubic yards of soil that must be moved during this grade and drainage construction phase. Our role involves the engineering oversight and quality assurance monitoring of the best management practices employed during construction to minimize the impact on the water quality of the watershed. “Of the 78 discharge points routinely sampled since the project began in February 2014, there have been no compliance issues,” said Transportation Manager Mark Dison. “In fact, often water discharged from the project is cleaner than when it entered.”

The Birmingham Northern Beltline Project, Phase 1, is expected to be complete in Fall 2016.

Posted on 04/22