Thompson Awards Exemplary Employees, Projects

Thompson Engineering is guided by core values that signify the company’s commitment to employees, clients and the community. Each year at the Annual Meeting, employees and projects are recognized for their commitment to company core values: Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Responsiveness, Empowerment, Leadership and Safety.

The honorees of this year’s Core Value Awards are:

  • Impact Player Award: Ellis Pope
  • Responsiveness Award: Melissa Montgomery
  • Quality Award: Blake Betbeze
  • Empowerment Award: Chris Dugger
  • Paul Klotz Community Service Award: Wade Burcham
  • Integrity Award: Jake Gibbs
  • Leadership Award: Randy Brown
  • Teamwork Award: Renie Baya
  • Safety Award: Gerald Smith


Thompson also recognizes outstanding projects. This year’s project winners are:

Ooltewah Elementary School
Thompson Engineering has worked with the Hamilton County Department of Education from the onset of the Ooltewah Elementary School project, performing a boundary survey, environmental assessment and geotechnical work later used by the design team in developing the site plan. Thompson worked directly with the design team to complete a fast-track design, providing services from a topographic survey to construction materials testing and inspections for the building construction. The 135,000-square-foot new school is a single-story building with a central core and four wings. Ooltewah welcomes students to the new facility at the start of the 2013 school year.

Project Team:
Project Manager: Ric Gibbs
Project team: Roger Riemer, Jeff Dawson, Chris Turley, Phillip Mabry, Ric Gibbs, Chris Gillentine, Ron Wilkerson, Caleb Hammontree, Mack McCarley



Camp McCain Water System
The design of a potable water well, tank and connecting lines at Camp McCain was a fast-track design project. There were only four weeks between the issuance of the notice to proceed and the time plans were due back for a final client review. Thompson's team is recognized for working seamlessly and quickly to complete the design and prepare the project for the start of construction.

Project Team:
Project Manager: Tim Bryan
Team Members: Charles Williford, Dave Upton, Derrick Jones, Jim Payne, Michael Waters








FEMA Faith Wing Renovation
Thompson Engineering and its sister company, Watermark Design, worked together to design the renovation of a two-and-a-half-story, 37,500-square-feet building known as Faith Wing, a training center for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The design includes numerous conference rooms, classrooms and an auditorium used for interactive instruction and virtual simulations, as well as appropriate interior finishes and furnishings and a substantial amount of audio visual and information technology systems. The project was guided by LEED and sustainable principles to provide an energy efficient facility and to minimize environmental impact.

Project Team:
Project Manager: Ellis Pope
Team Members: Ben Busby, Bruce Steiner, David Barreiro, Frank Leatherwood, Johnny Holley, Sam Sternberg, Stan White, Bryce Moore, Joey Bass, Logan Griffin, Gerald Smith, Mike Webb, Jim Clarke, Jennifer Givens, Claudia Hymel, Michael Britton, Owen McDonald

Posted on 08/12