Thompson Holdings Foundation

Our Mission:

The Thompson Holdings Foundation supports efforts to improve the quality of life in the communities served by the Thompson Holdings, Inc. companies by investing in organizations, programs, and activities that strengthen our social framework, education, and sense of community.


The Thompson Holdings Foundation was established in 2004 in honor of our founder, Mr. Vester J. Thompson, Jr., and our many dedicated employees, past and present. The Foundation operates as a non-profit 501(c)(3) and is administered through the Community Foundation of South Alabama. The Foundation is funded by:

  • Corporate contributions
  • Fundraising events and activities
  • Voluntary gifts by employees
  • Contributions from individuals (non-employee)
  • Contributions by other non-profit foundations


The Thompson Holdings Foundation grants funding requests in the following fields of service:

  • Education
  • Environmental and cultural resources preservation
  • Health and social welfare
  • Civic and community development
  • Arts and recreation

General Criteria: 

Since 2004, the Thompson Foundation has awarded more than $750,000 to charitable organizations. The Foundation will consider grant applications submitted by employees that meet the majority of the following guidelines.

  • The request addresses needs in at least one of the fields of service above.
  • There is potential for permanent, enduring benefits that will provide value to the community.
  • The benefit can be extended or duplicated in other communities.
  • The organization and the project demonstrate sound fiscal management and accountability.
  • The organization attracts multiple sources of support for the project.
  • The request addresses underserved segments of the population.
  • Diverse groups are supporting and/or collaborating on the project to achieve common goals. 

For a partial list of Foundation recipients, click here.